Business line: Respectful and Inclusive Workplace

In support of the Government of Canada's ongoing commitment to providing a respectful and inclusive workplace for its employees, the School's Respectful and Inclusive Workplace business line provides a variety of learning products and events for public servants at all levels on topics such as harassment prevention, accessibility, occupational health and safety, unconscious bias, mental health, positive space and gender-based analysis.

By developing knowledge, skills, and competencies in these areas, organizations and employees can help create and sustain a culture that creates and preserves psychological health, safety and well-being in all aspects of the workplace through collaboration, inclusivity and respect. This will help drive a culture shift towards a more agile, inclusive and equipped public service in line with the Government of Canada's Beyond 2020 public service renewal efforts.

What the curriculum offers

The School's Respectful and Inclusive Workplace curriculum includes core skills training opportunities, both online and in-person for all public servants, as well as targeted, practical and intensive in-class learning opportunities through its Premium offerings.

Core skills training/foundations

Developing knowledge, skills and competencies in the following subject areas to create the conditions necessary for fostering and maintaining respectful and inclusive workplaces, as well as to influence mindsets to encourage consideration of the impact that programs, policies and decisions have on diverse groups of people:

Through its growing curriculum of courses, job aidsvideos and events, the School will create opportunities for public servants to better understand the importance and dynamics of respectful and inclusive workplaces, to learn strategies and to take ownership of their role in supporting workplace well-being and inclusivity across the public service.

CSPS Premium

Targeted learning to deepen knowledge and examine impact of programs and policies on diverse groups of people.

CSPS Premium: Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

An intensive, (four-day) classroom course limited to small cohorts, CSPS Premium: GBA+ is intended to enhance federal public service analysts' skills and competencies in GBA+, develop overall capacity within the public service and to improve consistency in the application of GBA+ considerations in government decision-making. Analysts are encouraged to contact their Human Resources department or regional federal council to find out about the nomination process in their department to join a future cohort.

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Gender-based Analysis Plus

Gender-based Analysis Plus

Gender-based Analysis Plus

Understand the importance of supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Indigenous Learning Series

Indigenous Learning Series

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