Organizing Business Data with Data Modeling (I523)


Type: Online
Duration: 00:24 hours
Status: Active

Modelling data can help businesses better organize and access information. Organizations rely on various kinds of data to monitor their business. They need data that is accessible and understandable. Data modelling plays a critical role in ensuring both features.

In this course, you'll explore the characteristics of data modelling, and the common styles and types of models used. You'll find out how the three levels of data modelling can provide a detailed blueprint of a company's data. You'll also learn about common strategies for building data models, and the ways that data modelling improves an organization's daily operations.

More about this course
  • Topics: Government priorities; Service excellence; Information management; Information technologies; Personal development; Career development; Personal and team development
  • Community: Employees; Managers; Supervisors
  • Business line: Digital Academy
  • Provider: Skillsoft

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Self-pacedOrganizing Business Data with Data Modeling (I523)OnlineOnlineEnglish



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