EXecuTALK - Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Work for

This quick reference tool provides key tips shared during the EXecuTALK event of Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Work for.

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EXecuTALKs are a series of 30 minute webinars exploring priority topics and issues to support executive continuous learning needs. This tool provides key tips shared during the EXecuTALK event of Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Work for where host Danl Loewen and Pablo Sobrino, retired assistant deputy minister, discussed how to be an authentic leader.

Discussion highlights in this talk

  • Characteristics of the leader everyone wants to work for
  • Practical tips for executives
  • Speaking truth to power effectively
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Employee engagement
  • Being an authentic leader

Key takeaways

Respect, courage and empathy are key leadership qualities
Clarify expectations. Give clear instructions. Lead by example.

Speak the truth. Learn how to have difficult conversations with superiors and employees. Risks are less about what you present and more about how you present it.

Create an environment for innovation
People must feel safe making mistakes. You have to manage the risk for them. Be helpful.

Employee engagement
Engaged teams produce up to 20% more work and up to 40% higher-quality work. Engagement is dependent on the qualities of inclusion, trust, and respect. Engaged individuals need direction, clarity of purpose and an understanding of the bigger picture in which their contribution fits.

Give people the space to tell you things you might not want to know.

Use people's strengths and knowledge to advance the organization's mandate.

Speaking truth to power
Practical steps:

  • Understand that your perspective may be based on incomplete information.
  • Do your research to understand viewpoints that differ from yours and where they come from.
  • Present in a safe space and in a non-threatening way.
  • Explain why you are concerned and why your views should be taken into consideration.

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