EXecuTALK - Public Service Renewal: An Act of Intelligent Risk Taking

This quick reference tool provides key tips shared during the EXecuTALK event of Public Service Renewal: An Act of Intelligent Risk Taking.

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EXecuTALKs are a series of 30 minute webinars exploring priority topics and issues to support executive continuous learning needs. This tool provides key tips shared during the EXecuTALK event of Public Service Renewal: An Act of Intelligent Risk Taking where Patrick Borbey, President of the Public Service Commission, talks about how his organization is embracing intelligent risk and innovation in staffing to support renewal.

Discussion highlights in this talk

  • Promoting workforce diversity
  • Risk aversion
  • Fostering innovation
  • Retention
  • Regional representation
  • Risk tolerance

Key takeaways

Executives need to take risks

In hiring, the potential to learn and grow is more important than perfect fit. We also need to provide growth opportunities that allow people to fail. Failure brings learning and opportunities for improvement.

Learning anything new requires risk taking. We have to give executives the ability to lead their organizations in a way that ensures their employees don't always take the easy solution.

We have to be representative of the people we serve.

The country is changing, but the public service is not changing as quickly as it should. We need to consider all types of diversity, including the perspectives of the regions. When surrounded by people who think differently from us, we can offer better programs and services to all Canadians and advance better solutions to the problems we face.

We are all responsible for innovation and creativity

Executives at all levels need confidence and courage to try new things, but senior executives need to set the overall tone.
Small changes can be as important as major initiatives. Executives need to create an environment in which their employees feel comfortable bringing their ideas forward.
Becoming more confident in embracing risk requires trust in your teams and your superiors and knowing their level of tolerance for risk and failure. What results can you deliver within existing risk-tolerance parameters and how can you expand them?

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