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Authority Delegation Second Revalidation Assessment for Managers (C451-2)


Type: Online
Duration: 01:00 hours
Status: Active

To properly exercise their delegated authorities, managers must first demonstrate that they understand their responsibilities under this authority. This second online self-paced revalidation assesses knowledge of the authorities and responsibilities commonly delegated to managers in the core public administration (organizations listed in Schedules I and IV of the Financial Administration Act). Participants will be evaluated on their knowledge of assets and acquired services, financial management, human resources management and information management.

Topics include:

  • functioning within an accountability framework
  • reviewing the responsibilities and roles of managers
  • leading and managing people
  • procuring and managing public funds, programs and assets


Learners must successfully complete this assessment 10 years after their initial certification to revalidate their ability to exercise their delegated authorities. However, completing the Authority Delegation Training and assessments does not entitle you to exercise signing authority. Consult the Directive on Delegation of Spending and Financial Authorities for the specific conditions.

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  • Topics: Finance; Human resources; Information technologies; Operational effectiveness; Procurement
  • Community: Managers; Supervisors
  • Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills
  • Provider: Canada School of Public Service

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