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Emergency and Disaster Preparedness (S003)


Type: Online
Duration: 00:30 hours
Status: Archived

Every employee needs to be properly prepared to deal with an emergency in the workplace. This online self-paced course provides instructions on emergency response, safety, reporting, and evacuation procedures in the event of a natural disaster, fire, bomb threat or other emergency. Participants will learn about the purpose and scope of an emergency evacuation plan, the actions to take in specific dangerous situations, and the benefits of having a workplace violence prevention plan.

Topics include:

  • outlining the components of an emergency response plan
  • reviewing the information required for an emergency evacuation
  • taking appropriate actions during a fire, chemical spill, earthquake, flood, or tornado
  • identifying violent behaviour and ways to prevent workplace violence
  • responding appropriately to a bomb threat


The content in this course has been designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements and best practice standards. The procedures contained in this training should be followed unless otherwise directed by your employer, the police, or fire department officials.

Subject-matter support for this course was provided by the Pinchin Group of Companies, an environmental health and safety consulting firm with offices across Canada.

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More about this course
  • Topics: Government priorities; Personal and team development; Personal development; Respectful and inclusive workplace; Security
  • Community: Directors; Employees; Executives; Managers; Supervisors
  • Business line: Respectful and Inclusive Workplace
  • Provider: Skillsoft

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