Building Readiness and Workplace Solutions during COVID‑19 Restrictions


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, restrictions have been adapted in various regions to maintain federal-government business activities. Public Services and Procurement Canada speakers will explain actions taken to prepare buildings under their custody, from the main entrance to workplace areas under tenants' responsibility. They will also discuss recommendations on controls and preventive measures that are provided to managers and employees once they have entered their workplace. Speakers will answer technical questions on facilities.

This event is part of the Easing of COVID-19 Restrictions in the Workplace Series.


  • Nicolas Claveau, Executive Director, RPT for RP-1 Managed Assets, Property and Facility Management Service Line, Real Property Services Branch, Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Clayton Truax, Senior Director, Environment, Health and Safety Directorate, Technical Services, Real Property Services Branch, Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Tracey Machan, Senior Director, Workplace Service Strategy and Interior Design, Workplace Solutions, Real Property Services Branch, Public Service and Procurement Canada


Brian Armsden, A/Senior Director, Property and Facility Management Services Directorate, Public Services and Procurement Canada



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Learning resources for public servants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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