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Leadership Series: The Power and Practice of Mattering at Work


Research shows that feeling like you matter at work is a fundamental human need. It is critical for motivation, fulfillment and well-being. With changing modes of work, job insecurity, and heightened awareness of social injustice, enabling the experience of meaningful work is a vital skill that all of us, at any level, could learn.

Zach Mercurio is an author, researcher and consultant specializing in purposeful leadership, meaningful work, mattering, and positive organizational development.

In this webinar you will:

  • discover the three ingredients for meaningful work and why they're vital for well-being
  • learn how to create a culture of significance at work
  • understand how to make people feel noticed, affirmed and needed
  • improve your ability to design and delegate tasks so people clearly see how their contribution matters
  • realize the power of connecting people's everyday tasks to a bigger purpose

When people know they matter at work and experience purpose in a connected and fear-free environment, organizations thrive.

Course: The Power and Practice of Mattering at Work (TRN150)

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  • Zach Mercurio
  • Zach Mercurio, Ph.D., Researcher in purposeful leadership and positive organizational development, sought-after keynote speaker, and author of The Invisible Leader


Michael Rutherford, Director, Leadership Fundamentals, Transferable Skills, Canada School of Public Service

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