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Celebrating Louis Riel Day: Métis Realities


Métis leader Louis Riel was a founder of Manitoba and a key figure in the Red River and North-West resistances. February 21, 2022, is Louis Riel Day, when Canada commemorates the complicated legacy of this champion of the Métis Nation and Métis rights.

As we proceed on our shared journey to reconciliation, citizens of the Métis Nation discuss what it's like to be Métis in Canada today, more than 135 years after Riel's execution. Participants will discover the personal stories of young people, women and Elders.

Learn about the current issues, challenges and opportunities facing Métis communities as they build constructive relationships and support reconciliation efforts with other Indigenous Peoples.

Video: Celebrating Louis Riel Day: Métis Realities


  • Tony Belcourt, O.C., LL.D. (Hon.), Métis leader and advocate
  • Gabrielle Fayant, co-CEO and co-founder, Assembly of Seven Generations
  • Marie-Louise Perron, Knowledge Keeper, Saint Paul University


Shawna Pake, faculty member, Canada School of Public Service, member of the San Clara, Manitoba Métis local

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