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Indigenous Learning Series

Understanding cultures: let's talk

Under the themes of Recognition, Respect, Relationships and Reconciliation, the Indigenous Learning Series provides access to resources, courses, workshops and events on the history, heritage, cultures, rights and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, as well as on their varied and long-standing relationships with the Crown.

The School offers a growing suite of resources that will help you increase your cultural skills and awareness of issues related to First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples in Canada, as well as the role and responsibilities of the Government of Canada towards these peoples.

Mobile App

  • Reconciliation: A Starting Point

    This learning application serves as a reference tool to learn about First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, including key historical events and examples of reconciliation initiatives.


Online foundational courses (self-paced)

  • Reflecting on Cultural Bias: Indigenous Perspectives (IRA101)
    With a focus on understanding Indigenous Peoples, this online self-paced course demystifies the idea of unconscious cultural bias and explores issues of prejudice and discrimination.
  • The Uncomfortable Truth (IRA102)
    This course presents the difficult facts about the historical relationship between the Government of Canada and Indigenous peoples.
  • First Nations in Canada (IRA103)
    This course looks at some of the governance structures, traditions and current realities of First Nations and their relationships with the Government of Canada.
  • Métis in Canada (IRA104)
    This course provides a brief introduction to Métis people and the complexity of emerging Métis identity across Canada today.
  • Inuit in Canada (IRA105)
    This course provides a brief introduction to Inuit in Canada and helps you to better understand the relationship between Inuit and the Government of Canada.
  • Taking Steps Towards Indigenous Reconciliation (IRA107)
    This online self-paced course supports the government's commitment to the value and outcomes of reconciliation by exploring in depth the four themes featured throughout the Indigenous Learning Series: recognition, respect, relationships, and reconciliation.

Classroom courses

Job aids


  • Sitting by the Fire
    This podcast series offers topics that will expand your knowledge of First Nations, the Inuit and Métis.


Our Cultural Centre

Most of the courses in the Indigenous Learning Series are offered at our Cultural Centre (Canada Room), located at 111 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.

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Contact the Indigenous Learning Team for questions or comments. Tell us what topics you would like to see and how we can best help you by emailing:

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