EXecuTALK - Leading During the Unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis

This quick reference tool provides key tips shared during the EXecuTALK event of Leading During the Unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis.

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EXecuTALKs are a series of 30-minute webinars exploring priority topics and issues to support the continuous learning needs of executives.

This tool provides the key points shared during the EXecuTALK webcast Leading During the Unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis. Louise Bradley, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, discusses how to adapt to the shift in working remotely during this global pandemic.

Watch EXecuTALK – Leading During the Unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis

Managing your mental health during times of crisis is essential. As a leader, it is important you protect your mental health, and that of your employees.

Discussion highlights

  • Challenges of ensuring employee well-being
  • Self-care for leaders during stressful times
  • Emotional contagion
  • Making our activities sustainable

Key takeaways

Psychological safety at work is more important than ever It involves:

  • psychological support
  • environmental support
  • organizational culture (civility, respect, understanding the stressors, being responsive to the challenges your team is facing)

Self-care is essential

Leaders must look after themselves to be effective in their many roles. This requires setting healthy boundaries and disconnecting from work, as well as:

  • limiting the consumption of news
  • ensuring that news sources are reputable
  • letting go of regular working hours
  • focusing on task and project completion—rather than tracking hours
  • working out individual plans for team members to help ensure productivity

Leaders can show vulnerability

It's okay to be human and connect on a personal level.

"Emotional contagion" means that we are affected by the energy and emotions in our environment. Leaders can acknowledge the impact of a stressful situation on employees simply by listening.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada offers resources, tools and training programs aimed at increasing mental health literacy. To access available resources, visit the Commission's website.
Other courses on mental health first aid are in development for virtual delivery.

Last thoughts

Rule books don't apply during a crisis. It's a time when good leadership shines. Be comfortable saying, "I don't know." Vulnerability is a strength going forward.



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