Shape Your World with E-Mentoring

This job aid for virtual team leaders encourages the use of e-mentoring to cultivate an people-centred leadership style.

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Enhance your telework conversations!

Mentoring is a long-established method of supporting professional development through guidance and advice. When we are teleworking, technology-enabled mentoring (e-mentoring) helps us maintain human connections and gives leaders an edge in a complex world.

E-Mentoring benefits everyone.

Enhance your telework conversations!
Benefits Micro-actions
  • grow by guidinge others in their development
  • lead through their dedication and influence presence and influence
  • empower others by building building trust and safety
  • share experiences candidly
  • listen to and understand aspirations
  • reduce their their sense of isolation
  • achieve goals quickly through honest discussion
  • feel valued by having meaningful conversations
  • state goals and needs clearly
  • narrate experiences
  • engage and retain people employees
  • build a culture based on developing people
  • transfer corporate knowledge
  • focus conversations on self‑leadership
  • leverage connections for growth mindset

Whether formal or informal, mentoring helps support and advise individuals in their professional development.

Choose e-mentoring to improve performance and engagement.
Break down the barriers to communication and build relationships!



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