Business lines

Discover our five distinct business lines.

Respectful and Inclusive Workplace

Help create knowledge and awareness necessary for fostering an inclusive workplace.

GC and Public Sector Skills

Agile, responsive and comprehensive training and learning unique to the craft of government.

Indigenous Learning

Incremental and co-developed curriculum for all, including targeted learning to develop cultural competencies and specialized learning to support Indigenous employees.

Transferable Skills

Cross-sectoral training (academia, think tanks, and private sector) in key areas, enriching our learning curriculum while maintaining ongoing training and development of core skills.

Digital Academy

Foundations in digital for all public servants with leadership and premium specialist streams to build organizational capacity.


Learning Paths

Learning paths

Curated learning opportunities organized by theme and communities.
Learning insights blog

Learning Insights blog

Insights, takeaways, trends and other best practices related to learning in the GC workplace.
School's podcasts


Our podcast series' features a range of learning topics such as public service innovation, project management and Indigenous learning.

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